The Prosper Promise Is Simple

We work side-by-side with you, the agency owner, to help your agency become more competitive, leading to greater wealth generation and broadening available choices for your long term sale or transition


We help define and build a clear strategy to advance your agency and help you achieve your personal goals.


Through our structured programs, we provide deep expertise and operational support to strengthen your team’s performance.


Eventually as owner you will contemplate a transaction to transition your business and to receive the return on your life’s work that you deserve. When the time is right, we will develop, design and execute a customized exit strategy and related transaction process to realize your personal goals. Our “exit path agnostic” approach provides you with the broadest range of possible options.

Let us design a plan for your path to prosperity.
Now and in the future.


What is keeping you up at night? Is the business running you rather than the other way around? Has your growth stalled? Are your margins low? Do you wonder what it will take to get to the next level? We can help you take performance to the next level

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Eventual Transition

What – ultimately – do you want out of your business? What are your key goals and how is your business going to help you achieve them? Who is ready to assume more responsibility for your business so you can transition to your “dream role” over time?

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Value Optimization

Is eventually selling your firm the best path for you to reach your goals? Should you try to sell to an outside buyer? Can you afford to sell to an internal management team or employee group? Do you need to acquire someone or merge to really ignite growth?

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