Creating a winning sales culture:

The biggest constraining variable to agency growth is the number of senior leaders that can qualify a new business lead, develop strategy, prep the pitch team, present well to engender prospect confidence and win the business. Too often we see that the owner or CEO is critical to every pitch, which means the firm’s growth potential is limited. Or, often the agency has no defined sales methodology or consistency for approaching new business.

Our new business service offering is designed to help with one or all of the following:

• Create a sales culture by transforming participating and leading new business efforts from a chore, to an exciting career development opportunity

• Help agencies understand and design new business best practices for consistency of results from leader-to- leader and pitch-to-pitch

• Enhance the skill level of individual second tier leaders

• Differentiate the agency through creative packaging of proposals and prospect engagement

• Position the agency for greater growth by removing all of that burden from the owner’s shoulders
Our comprehensive approach includes analysis and training in the following areas:

• What should occur before receipt of an RFP

• Qualification of leads

• Staffing and resources for the proposal

• Best practices for development of insights

• Development of the story and related deck

• Rehearsal and pitch prep

• Presentation training

• Pre-and-post pitch salesmanship

The above is accomplished in six 1 hour sessions and has a proven track record of helping agencies improve and grow in the area of new business.

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