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Prosper Group helped us identify the challenges facing our business—and gave us a solid plan for future growth. Now, we’re offering new services and raising revenue. What a great partnership.”

— Greg Stern
BSSP (Sausalito)

“Prosper Group helped accelerate our digital vision and expand our professional capabilities. Now we have a transformative plan that truly works on every level of the agency.”

— Scott Chaikin & Chas Withers
DIX & EATON (Cleveland)

“I’ve been through several agency transactions—and I know attention to detail is vital. I respect Prosper Group’s disciplined approach to M&A. I knew we could trust them—and focus on serving our clients.”

— Barry Rhoades

“Prosper Group has been instrumental to the growth of our agency—helping me groom our existing employees as well as recruiting new senior-level talent. Now our agency is enjoying even greater success.”

— Fiona Hutton

“We needed a clear path to develop strong digital capabilities. Prosper Group showed us how to become a powerhouse digital agency in Asia. Now we’re undergoing an exciting transformation.”

— Sonia Madeira

“We wanted to diversify the agency to accelerate our steady growth. Prosper Group showed us our broader potential. They helped us expand into new areas and plan to scale. Their partnership was invaluable.”

— Ryan Malone
SmartBug Media (Irvine)

“Prosper Group created a Strategic Growth Plan that was inspiring and reflective. It was so good it helped us refocus our efforts to grow the firm. As a result we grew revenues nearly double in 18 months.”

— Greg Vistica