Prosper Group recently announced that Michael Murphy will join the firm’s affiliate network to represent the firm out of his London office.

Michael is a well-known industry leader with extensive contacts and relationships with major agency groups worldwide. Michael is central to Prosper Group’s expansion and international visibility, as well spearheading the launch of a new international service offering from the firm.


Developing an international mindset and expanding as the opportunities arise is a critical challenge facing agency owners. We know that brands are increasingly looking to work with independent agencies who have cross-border capabilities.

The Prosper Group International Offering

Therefore, Prosper Group has developed its international Navigator service offering, and teamed with Michael Murphy of Michael Murphy & and Dan Egerton of Actus Consulting in London to offer this vital service to agency owners who are looking to go global. The new offering will accelerate and help manage the road bumps of international expansion. Their guidance will help ambitious companies understand the best routes to positive growth, either through expansion in their organic business, or by acquiring synergistic businesses in other markets.

The experience and expertise of our international consultants will allow agencies to overcome the challenges they face in not knowing the right people to build their service offering, help them access clients in specific global markets, and guide them through the legal and regulatory environments of each of those markets.

There are three main elements to the international service offering that Prosper Group is launching through its international network.

1. US Agency Expansion

The company will support US agencies and networks looking to acquire, joint venture, affiliate or enhance their network with agencies/networks globally, as well as those groups that wish to establish new greenfield operations in international markets.

2. Global agencies Looking to Expand to the US

Prosper Group can also partner with non-US agencies and networks looking to acquire, joint venture, affiliate or enhance a network in the US, as well as those wishing to start green field operations.

3. Offering Prosper Group’s Unique Growth Methodologies to Global Agencies

Prosper Group deploys its unique methodologies in order to develop the full potential of existing global networks across all disciplines in the marketing services and communications sector.

  • Enhance value proposition
  • Work with international networks to identify and acquire the companies and resources that will drive future growth in new markets
  • Identify the key drivers of agency growth and help agency owners by developing pragmatic roadmaps for growth and transformation
  • Enhance positioning in market
  • Assist with implementation of processes to support new value proposition