Saddled with those "lonesome PR firm owner blues?"

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Mind Your Own Business?

  1. Years in business
  2. Do you have outside investors (passive)?
  3. Are you a specialized or generalist firm? (check one)
  4. Are you (check one please)
  5. Is your agency (check one):

It’s Lonely At The Top

  1. Overall, what are your biggest two or three worries?
  2. Are you in a happy place with your PR firm and its business?
  3. Who are your trusted business confidantes for brainstorming, strategizing and, let’s face it, whining? Please rank in terms of trust and reliability.
  4. To whom do you turn in times of genuine stress and difficulty?


  1. Which below most closely matches your firm? (check one)
  2. Business development: How do most of your leads materialize? (please check two)
  3. What is your pipeline win rate? Now, be honest!

Dream (or Nightmare?) Talent

  1. Your largest asset can also be your biggest PITA. Please rank your concerns and priorities from greatest to least:

Happy Hunting Grounds

  1. Do you have a business plan?
  2. Are you the original owner(s)?
  3. How much longer do you see owning and managing your firm?
  4. Have you created a succession plan?

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