Prosper Group’s services are specifically designed to help agency owners improve their firm’s business performance, define their personal end game, and put in place a clear strategy to get there.Our three service areas – performance improvement; succession, transition and exit planning; transaction support – provide a proven approach for helping you solve today’s challenges and reach your desired destination.It all starts with performance improvement – this creates additional agency value to enable you to attain the liquidity and/or exit goal you set for yourself.

And, we work with you the way you work with your clients, tailoring our services to your specific situation and ambitions.


What is keeping you up at night? Is the business running you rather than the other way around? Has your growth stalled? Are your margins low? Do you wonder what it will take to get to the next level? We can help you take performance to the next level

Succession & Transition/Exit Planning

What – ultimately – do you want out of your business? What are your key goals and how is your business going to help you achieve them? Who is ready to assume more responsibility for your business so you can transition to your “dream role” over time?

Transaction Support / M&A and other Exit Strategies

Is eventually selling your firm the best path for you to reach your goals? Should you try to sell to an outside buyer? Can you afford to sell to an internal management team or employee group? Do you need to acquire someone or merge to really ignite growth?

Digital Accelerator

The ‘Digital Accelerator’ is a structured program which will put digital at the heart of your agency’s DNA. Could your agency benefit from the vision and practical advice that will position digital at the heart of your agency’s value proposition?

Outsource CFO – COO

Outsource CFO - COO

Could your agency benefit from a cost effective outsourced CFO/COO solution? These programs are designed to help your agency grow etc….

Business Development Training

Strategic Coaching

The biggest variable to growth is the number of leaders that can qualify a new lead, develop strategy, prep the pitch team, present well and win the business.

My Business Confidante

Any PR agency CEO needs a little empathy, a personal coach or a “safe zone:” Someone with whom you can open up, collect your thoughts and plan. Or just let off some steam about staffing or client problems.

Leadership Coaching

You’ve probably read about the explosive growth of leadership coaching, and the many prominent executives helping their organizations reach new levels of success as they’ve become more inspired and inspiring leaders.